Melting Glaciers Can Affect Our Drinking Water

Melting Glaciers Have An Immediate Effect On Our Way Of Living

Irrespective of whether or not you follow the global environmental crises, the fact is that the glaciers / ice caps are rapidly starting to melt. This seems to most people like it is problem that doesn’t affect them at all. But in reality, nothing can be further from the truth. The melting of the glaciers / ice caps has an immediate effect on us, the inhabitants on this planet.

Glaciers are melting due to the increase in global warming. Global warming itself seems like a way-out thing that is out of our control and that it cannot have an impact on our lives. People throughout the world have noticed how the seasons are out of whack and that the summer season seems to be hotter and even winters are out of the norm. This is directly related to the melting of glaciers / ice caps. 

Natural Airconditioning

One of the effects that glaciers / ice caps have on the planet is to regulate the temperature of the landmass. It keeps our seasons ‘inside of the temperature parameters’. In summer for example the, the cold that is given off by the glaciers is directly linked to keeping the earth cool and prevents us from toasting to a crisp. This acts as a natural air-conditioning for the planet. 

As the glaciers / ice caps are getting smaller and smaller there is less and less cold that is being expelled from them to help regulate the temperature. This might seem minor to us as humans that has central heating but think of the animals and plant life. Plant life of course here, includes the farms on which farmers grow food to help sustain the ever-increasing populace. 

The Ice Block Effect

So, what then happens to the water that is now running off of the melting glaciers / ice caps. The water runs into the streams, rivers and eventually the ocean. This will ultimately increase the ocean size and decrease the landmass size that we have. Population is getting more and more by the day, but the landmass that we have to live on is getting smaller and smaller as is the space we have for apostas esportivas no Brasil.

If you place an ice block in a glass of water, the water level rises to include the mass of the ice block. However, if you take an ice block and put it on a stand just above the level, as the ice melts, the water in the glass gets more. The same can be said about the ice that will now flow into the oceans, as water, when the glaciers / ice caps are melting. The water level gets higher. 

Melted Ice Drinking Water

More than the rise of the ocean levels, scientists are now also busy studying how these melting glaciers / ice caps can possibly affect not only water supply to farms but also our drinking water. Exactly what the effect is, is yet unknown but the worry is big enough to warrant the setting up of research stations to try and unravel this mystery.