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The Importance of Sleep And Dreaming


The Importance of Sleep And Dreaming

Sleeping and dreaming go hand in hand. But why is it so important that we have dreams even when we think we don’t dream?

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Why Sleep and Dreaming Is Relevant In Our Lives

What most people do not realize is that dreams hold a very significant meaning for the person experiencing it and if taken seriously, dreams can work the miracles through understanding its importance. Dreams provide the setting to receive information. Dreams will tell you when there is a problem in your life and can also warn you before something goes wrong. 

A recurring dream is a sign to evaluate and adjust an area of your life. If you are ignoring important messages, you will receive recurring dreams, until you learn to listen to them. Successful problem solving in dreams carries over to waking life. Facing a fear in a dream enables you to work out a real-life fear. Dreams put a spotlight on issues. Dreams highlight the areas of life that needs examining.

Not Remembering Dreams

Some people state that they never dream. As dream research has proven, this is not correct. Every single person on this planet will dream. But there are reasons for you not remembering the night’s dream that you had. What is the reason for not remembering a dream? The biggest reason is fatigue. Sleep after a stressed day, when one exhausted. 

The second is lack of Interest. As a colourful dream may be considered hard brainwork and a person that simply isn’t interested is a brain that is not equipped enough to take on this additional work. As a result, some fading scenes are produced, which are not impressive enough to be remembered. The third is repression. In this case people deny dreams in fear of being confronted with forbidden desires or traumatic experiences.

Influencing Dreams

Many people feel that they cannot influence their dreams. That is the biggest misconception of dreaming. The dream is a complex function of the brain. This brain function can be trained to a certain degree and can be developed into the most fantastic experience of the night, enriching our lives with a new realm of experience. 

There are different stages that work hand in hand with dream development, that are also influenced by the time of night that you go to bed versus when you need to wake up and the deepness of the sleep that you are getting. At first, most people do not remember their dreams, but if you start paying attention, dreams become more emotional and realistic, colours become brighter like those at  slots argentina, and eventually they do not seem as chaotic as before.

Dream Journals

The number one technique of remembering a dream is keeping a dream journal. Everyone has dreams, but within five minutes sssof waking, most people no longer remember the content of the dream, and many don’t remember having dreams at all. 

Immediately upon awakening, talk about your dream, say what you remember out loud and write down as much as what you can remember. The little effort required to write down dreams will work wonders. The more attention you pay to your dreams, the more attention they will pay to you.


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