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The War Against Waste


The War Against Waste

The biggest war or pandemic that we are facing in this day and age is the rise of landfills. Reduce your carbon footprint on the planet with these few steps.

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Be A Part Of The Army That Could Potentially Save Our Planet

Whether or not you believe in global warming is irrespective of the fact that we are burning through our planet’s resources. As humans, we are not being mindful enough of what it is that we are using once and what we are reusing. The landfills of waste on the planet are getting too big to control and science estimates that by 2050, there will be more plastics in our oceans then fish.

Luckily there are a few things that we can do now, that could prevent this from happening, if not at least slow it down. It is important to note that you should not after reading this throw away all of your ‘not needed’ products, as this will only create more waste, but as you need to buy new items, be more mindful of what it is that you are buying.

Shopping To Shopping Bags

Single use plastics should be outlawed. When you buy anything that is in a plastic container, buy the items that has a notice on it that says it can be recycled. Sometimes these items will even tell you that they have already been recycled. However, where possible, stay clear of plastic and rather by the glass jar items. When the jar is empty, reuse it in your home or give it to someone that can reuse them, if you cannot recycle them

Plastic shopping bags is an item that should never be on your shopping list. As far as possible, use cloth bags. They will cost you far less, as you can use them over and over. If you cannot use cloth bags, then opt for the paper bag option and recycle them when done. Remember that even recyclable plastics, can only be recycled, so many times, and then it ends up on a landfill. As far as possible, stay clear of buying plastic items and spend your money on apuestas deportivas Argentina instead! 

Wash Scrunchies And Wet Wipes

Wash Scrunchies and wet wipes are some of the worst items that just about everyone has in their homes. They are incredibly convenient to have, but they are even worse on the environment. Instead of using these, you can use cloth that you cut into a square. Many shops now sell cotton face cloths that you use to wash yourself with. If you don’t want to buy these, you can reuse old towels cut into squares or even crochet your own.

For wet wipes you can take an old t-shirt and cut it onto a few squares. Place them in a glass jar with either soapy water or sanitizer. These make perfect wet wipes. Yes, a glass jar is not as compact and convenient as a small packet of wet wipes, but it will help you not adding to the pollution problem that we have. 

ATM Receipts

One of the biggest things that you can do to help safe the planet, is to never request a receipt from an ATM or filling station. Science has proven that if even just the United States of America decided to go paperless at the ATMs and filing stations, it will save enough paper that could have circled the equator 15 times. Do your bit and leave a better Earth for your children.


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