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Here’s the Full List of Capabilities You Need to Develop to Be Successful in Microsoft MS-900 Certification Exam

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Here’s the Full List of Capabilities You Need to Develop to Be Successful in Microsoft MS-900 Certification Exam

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The Microsoft MS-900 certification exam is designed for individuals who want to build up foundational knowledge on Software as Service solutions. The assessment is necessary for obtaining the Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals certificate. Therefore, by passing this exam, the test-takers have an extraordinary opportunity to add an international certification to their resume and enjoy all the benefits related to it. However, before you reach this point, you will need to develop different types of skills. Scroll through the following paragraphs and find more about the full list of capabilities you need to gain to crack the MS-900 test successfully.

Skills Required for the Microsoft MS-900 Certification Exam

The candidates for the Microsoft MS-900 exam may have experience with cloud-based solutions or be new to Microsoft 365. While the vendor doesn’t have any mandatory prerequisites for examinees, each applicant must develop a solid understanding of the concepts covered in the exam’s syllabus before appearing for the test.

Capabilities Included in the Test’s Blueprint

When preparing for the Microsoft MS-900 certification exam, your starting point should be exploring its syllabus. It includes the complete list of capabilities that the candidates need to demonstrate if they want to be successful in this assessment. These are as follows:

  • Describing different types of cloud services and the benefits of using hybrid, cloud, or on-premises services
  • Describing productivity solutions while using Microsoft 365 concepts, collaboration solutions, analytics capabilities, endpoint modernization, and deployment options in Microsoft 365 infrastructure
  • Explaining zero-trust security principles when working with Microsoft 365 elements and describing access and identity management, threat protection, trust, privacy, and compliance solutions in Microsoft 365 environment
  • Describing the Microsoft 365 model support and pricing including thorough planning, prediction, pricing comparison, identifying licensing options, and service lifecycle.

Solid self-organization abilities

Your success in this assessment depends on how well you organize your training routine. This is a process that requires solid self-organization abilities. During your preparation process, you need to go through all the topics included in the blueprint and save time for consolidating acquired knowledge. Good organizational capabilities will help you develop a precise schedule so that you avoid fatigue and know when it’s time to take a break.

Excellent time-management skills

The MS-900 test is quite difficult and challenging. The candidates will need to get 700 points as a passing score to become eligible for the associated certification. Even though the vendor doesn’t offer details on the number of questions, you should be prepared to answer between 40 to 60 inquiries in multiple formats. The assessment’s duration is 60 minutes. So, if you want to get the required score on the first try, you should develop strong time-management skills to be able to answer all questions on time.


Your preparation for the Microsoft MS-900 certification test depends on three important pillars. The first one focuses on developing a solid knowledge of the topics included in the exam’s blueprint. The second requires that you improve your self-organization skills to establish an effective and successful training strategy. Last but not least, you need to possess excellent time-management skills that will help you answer all questions on time and correctly. Provided you meet these three requirements, your success in the Microsoft MS-900 test is guaranteed. Good luck!


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